Single Person Contact - Personal move coordinator - A personal Move Coordinator is immediately assigned to work with you. Your coordinator's role is to help you realize your expectations every step of the way. Beginning with the initial call, continuing during preparation of your home or office, throughout the delivery and after the unpacking is completed, your coordinator is there for you!

Highly Trained, Professional Crews - We do it all for you! - Will they be careful? Yes! Entrusted with all of your valuable possessions, we see to it that each item is handled with careful attention and respect. All crew members are subject to rigorous pre-employment checks, utilize the latest in packing materials and equipment, and are well versed in handling everything from automobiles and pianos to the most delicate antiques and art objects.  

  Safe and Secure Storage - State-of-the-art warehouses - Your belongings will only be stored in one of New World's company owned and operated modern facilities. All of New World's storage facilities must meet stringent standards, including burglar and fire protection, heated and air circulated, pad wrapping of all furniture, and all warehouse personnel are professional movers!

Unpacking - The peace of mind knowing that help is available!- Your personal crew will place furniture where you like it and will reassemble everything they disassembled. With your authorization, they will also unpack all of your boxes onto tabletops, counters, beds and floors for you to distribute throughout your house or office.



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